1. Fees once deposited will not be refunded/adjusted for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Caution money will be refundable on completion of the course but not on discontinuation of the course.
  3. Right for admission in the course is reserved.
  4. Formation of student union/association is prohibited.
  5. It is necessary to wear the prescribed uniform and carry I.D. Cards in Institute & Hospital.
  6. Selected students will have to join their classed on the date specified.
  7. The Director/Principal may call the parents of the students in case of :

(a) Attendance not satisfactory

(b) Behavior or action causing damage to school property.

(c) Behavior of students found not satisfactory.

(d) Students ignores warnings or disobey instructions.

(e) Any other issue require parents attention.

8.  In the case of fillness, which require special consultation/ special medical treatment/ operation including post operative care, required treatment and care will not be the responsibility of the institution during the period of training.

9. Students found involved in any form of raging of new students will be suspended & disciplinary action will be initiated as per law.