Anatomy & Physiology Lab, Microbiology Lab, Biochemistry & Automation Lab, Histopathology, Lab, Hematology Lab, Pathology Lab & Computer Lab of the institute are well equipped with all modern diagnostic facilities for practical training to the students as per the curriculum.
Special Computer Training
The institute provides special computer training to all the students irrespective to their courses for two to three years to make them computer literate to work in advance computerized environment of national & multinational Hospitals & Research institute. The syllabus is designed to meet the future needs of the jobs to be offered to the passed professionals. Computer Lab has latest version computers with broadband internet connection trough LAN.
Clinical Training
The institute provided clinical Training to the students in various words & departments of its parent Hospital F.S. College Of Nursing in rotation as per prescribed syllabus of Uttar Pradesh State Medical Faculty, Lucknow.
Psychiatric Nursing Training
Students of general Nursing & Midwifery attend their statutory Psychiatric Nursing Training during 3 years course at institute of Mental Health & Hospital, Agra.
Community Health Nursing Training 
 The institute has made the arrangement to undergo rural & urban Community Health Nursing Training with well established P.H.C. and C.H.C. of state Govt. water purification plant, milk dairy, N.G.O. Community based organization, Gram Panchayat, Village Block Office, Cold Storage, Old age home, ICDS/Community Kitchen, CSCD (Sterilization), Department of the Hospital) in groups as per of curriculum provided by Uttar Pradesh Medical Faculty, Lucknow.
Special Exposure-Clinical Training
 To provide varied Exposure of different clinical environment & work culture, the students are encouraged to participate in clinical activities in their respective area with other reputed Hospitals in and around for 7-15 days, during the course.
 The institute library is well stocked with latest editions of books on various subjects of students interest as per prescribed syllabus. students are allowed to study in the library during institute hours and to borrow the books against the library cards. Various magazines and news papers of national levels are subscribed for the reader in the library.