In viewing our prospectus, you will have an opportunity to experience out excitement about the profession of nursing & to learn how “F.S. COLLEGE OF NURSING” brings nursing education health care services & research to the people so society. It has never been a better time to be a nurse.

The college values the histories mission of Florence Nightingale & recognizes that the teaching research & service functions have a reciprocal relationship in preparing individuals for professional services. Thus the college views it mission as the :-

1- Provision of excellent education for the purpose of preparing individuals for beginning and advanced professional nursing practice.

2- Advancement of the profession though, research, scholarship & service.

3- Provision of service trough nursing practice education & Consultation.


      Education efforts en-compass the health care needs of an increasingly independent global community. The college accepts the commitment to influence & respond to the health care needs of India & abroad, specially those unique to rural population.

I invite you to hold the hands of care to face the challenge & meet your objective.

Dr. Pallavi Yadav