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Welcome To F.S. College Of Nursing

F.S. College Of Nursing is a pioneer institution in the field of Nursing care & Education. The Institution has been established by Fulan Singh Jan Kalyan Trust, Sita Nagar, Nagla Bhau, Firozabad.

It is provide to world cass infrastructure, quality education and stimulative atmosphere for youth pursuing professional courses. Having a successful venture in technical education Fulan Singh Jan Kalyan Trust has further entered into another segment of education by opening a nursing paramedical courses under the Name ant Style of F.S. College of Nursing. Here also the visionary zeal of the trust is to serve the society of charge by providing not only good professionals but also committed nurses and better citizen who will prove to be an asset to society.

The courses being offered by our institution are approved by INC, New Delhi/UP State Govt. and Recognised by UP State Medical Faculty, Lucknow.

The Institution is Situated around 100 Meter away from Agra Kanpur National Highway at Shikohabad Near a Famous Temple. i.e. Balaji Mandir. The Campus is Spread over more than 2 acres Land. The institution is easily approachable by road Since public transportation is available 24 hrs. on National Highway. The Campus offer healthy atmosphere for teaching & learning care with Living.

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The faculty of this Nursing School believes that candidates prepares for first level position both hospital and community at large. Our concept of nursing based on ICN’S Definition “Unique function of nursing, which is assist an individual, sick or well in the performance of those activities contribution to health or its recovery.

The nursing school believed on providing all course education based and built on scientific principal in order to produce professionally qualified nurse who will be able to function as a team member in all health core agencies as role of practicing nurse either in hospital or community based organization.